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Essays and Articles

Essasys and articles of interest to the NLP community.

Let Me Look Into Your Eyes

Rachel Hott Eye Accessing Cues More...

Mysic, Metaphore, Major and Minor

Joseph O,Connor More...

NLP and the Philosophy of Pogo

A metaphoric look at the wold on NLP training and certification. Peter F. Kean More...

NLP-Based Coaching: An Overview

By Judith E. Pearson, Ph.D “Coaching is a twenty-first century methodology for empowering people through profound questions so they can take charge of their own lives, take ownership of goals and outcomes, and enable people to fully operate as one’s own expert regarding meanings, values, lifestyle, and empowerment.”

--- L. Michael Hall and Michelle Duval More...

Oatmeal into Art: The Perception of structure

Anne' Linden & Susan James A description of various kinds of Boundaries' and their relationship to the world of NLP. More...

Of Interest to U.S. Members

Construction Equipment Guide "Court Says Associations Have Legal Right to Intervene." More...

Putting the MythoSelf™ Process to Work With Others

Joseph Riggio Joseph Riggio combines NLP and the teachings of Joseph Campbell and Roye Fraser to make magic. More...


Dr. Richard Bolstad and Margot Hambolt More...