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Unfair Secrets of Hypnotic Selling with NLP

Franz Anton Mesmer II
If you want to have fun while brushing up on (or learning) Milton H. Erickson’s language patterns and conversational NLP, you really must read Unfair Secrets of Hypnotic Selling with NLP by – uh – Franz Anton Mesmer II. Actually, that’s the pen name of an attorney, real estate broker, and former hostage negotiator who claims to wield “Jedi mind tricks” in his business dealings. Whoever he is, he is good.

The author covertly weaves hypnotic language ploys into his text while overtly teaching each pattern, and then telling you what he did and what makes each ploy work. It amazed me how many times I had to reread a sentence or paragraph to see the subtle ways in which the author steered my thinking, while I, all along, assumed that I was the one thinking and deciding for myself. And I enjoyed it when the author revealed the ruse! I laughed out loud!

The book is engagingly light-hearted and in some places, quite trance-inducing. It tickles and dances with the mind. I’ve read other authors who claimed to do hypnotic writing and often found their attempts heavy-handed, transparent, and silly. Mesmer does it with finesse, despite a few minor glitches with copyediting.

The 486-page book presents dozens of hypnotic language patterns (including embedded commands, presuppositions, verb shifts, double entendres, interspersals, etc.) and persuasion tactics that can apply not only in sales, but in marketing, negotiating, arguing a point, and yes, counseling, coaching, and hypnotherapy! One chapter gives examples from films and literature of how such methods can be applied. This is a book for anyone who wants to expand their skills in verbal influence.

Here’s a sample of the text in which the author makes the case that these methods are useful and easy to learn:

As you use these techniques…more and more, you will find that the effectiveness of your requested customer’s instructions increases exponentially…You won’t have to practice more than is necessary to gain just a minimal skill in order to make them effective. These are the techniques that are easiest to learn and they will give you the most payoff for the least effort in learning…Indirect suggestions and NLP actually works as you will find out for yourself more and more as you use it on a daily basis. But you won’t be the first to find that out.

Now, be honest. Didn’t that make your head spin just a little?