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Effective NLP Skills

Richard Youell and Christina Youell
“NLP is a collection of frameworks, models, methodologies, and techniques that can help you better understand yourself and other people. The purpose…is to have more effective communication, better motivation for yourself and others, and a more positive frame of mind.” (p. 3).

There is much to like about Effective NLP Skills by Richard and Christina Youell, two Master NLP Practitioners with vast experience in human resource management. This well-structured book for business leaders and managers is organized into discrete skill sets: Understanding Yourself (the NLP model of the mind), Managing Others, Powerful Communication, and Interpersonal Skills for the Workplace. Here are the things I like about this book:

1. It is a short book, yet it gives a thorough explanation of NLP communication skills. The brevity and lack of jargon is ideal for the business person who wants to cut to the chase.

2. For a reader who wants to spend more time on this book, every chapter is peppered with questions for personal reflection. I suggest you have a notebook or journal nearby.

3. The book is excellent for novices, because it communicates in straightforward plain-talk. It presents a workable model of “how humans think and how to interact with them” for people who don’t know a lot about psychology.

4. This book would also be a good reference for a class or therapy group of people who meet to improve their coping and communication skills based on the NLP model.

The authors know their stuff. Additionally, they pair the NLP model with the Myers Briggs Type Inventory, describing how readers can apply NLP principles and communication skills to influence people of various MBTI types. What’s not to like? Nothing!